Ohio State Playboy Girls Of Big Ten Party Photos


Jamie Graham, Marie Morgan and some other chick get to know each other

We continue our continuing special team coverage of the Girls of the Big Ten Playboy issue with a look at photos of the magazine’s Ohio State campus party (recap via The Official Chris Duncan).

By now you’ve ‘seen’ the women in all their glory. Graded them. Lusted after them.

And partied with them.

After all this nakedness and partying, we are spent.

BC is out of words. Enjoy the photos from Columbus.

n500020702_1305929_7082.jpg n12429456_44510046_663.jpg n12429456_44510027_3282.jpg n12429456_44510024_2214.jpg 2884280100_383d2261b2.jpg 2883446957_fd00dd1d4b_b.jpg 2884288588_304f2ac1e1_b.jpg

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