University Of Idaho Won’t Accept Cheerleaders Showing Midriff, Pac-10 Style Uniforms Are History


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

The spirit squad coach has quit. The uniforms have been deemed too controversial by the Taliban-ish community powers and now the University of Idaho cheerleading team is in shambles.

Over exposing female abs.

“I push the envelope to rock the crowd … I guess Idaho is not ready for that,” (former cheer coach) Cassie Helm told the Unversity of Idaho student newspaper.

The coach said she wanted the team to take on the look of Pac-10 squads.

“We were working toward getting some uniforms that are more like those worn in the Pac-10 schools,” he said. “(We) felt that the uniforms that were being worn at the first home game were more like an NFL-type game uniform.”

This was unacceptable to the Moscow, Idaho community. You see, women don’t have midriffs in these towns. They are to remain clothed like a Middle Eastern housewife.

The new look after the jump.

This look debuted at Western Michigan game.

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