Texas Teen Gorilla And Banana Streakers Go To Jail


In Texas you will not:

1. Dress in a banana and gorilla costume

2. Streak down the center of the football field during a homecoming game

3. Jump a fence and think a swat team won’t be grabbing your ass

4. Go home with a slap on the wrist.

The Dallas Morning News Crime Blog goes white on rice with this story out of Flower Mound school district where two students decided to prank a recent high school football game.

Bad ass cop wants some of this gorilla punk. 

But a spokesman for the Flower Mound police threw school officials under the bus, telling reporters that it was the district that demanded the cops take the teens to jail, where they stayed overnight. A Lewisville Independent School District spokeswoman did not dispute that claim.

Nice. That’s right you little punk scum.

In Texas you will not pull such stunts. If you think this bullshit is funny, take it to pot smoking, gay sex having, Hollywood elitist California.

Oh, wait, they exact justice right there on the spot. Nevermind.

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