The Afternoon Dump: Hugh Hefner’s Woman Stolen, Fattest Baseball Team, Jamie Lynn Nude Pictures, First Electric Mini Cooper, Americans Win Ryder Cup



Sara sure is a good cupcake for today. 

The Colt’s have gone three years in the past now with yesterdays game. Three years ago it was just offense and no defense. After yesterday’s defense couldn’t stop the 1 minute drive to let the Jag’s kicker kick a 50+ field goal reminded me back in 2006 when a similar situation happened and we lost by 3 then also. We need to step it up. Come on DEFENSE.

Another interesting fact about the game is the fact that every time Purdue wins the Colts lose. Purdue:2-1 Colts:1-2 

Feel free to email me any links.

Have a good day guys. 

Afternoon Dump

Eagle’s wide receiver dating Hugh Hefner’s woman, get her back Hugh [Sports Crackle Pop]

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Need a theme for a party, here you go [Co-ed Magazine]

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Two languages separating one country, could be problems [Deuce of Davenport]

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