Daily Dump: An Auburn Chick To Marry, Erin Andrews Conspiracy Theory, Johnny Damon Wants Foul Poles, Hottest Cheerleader & A Gina Gershon Spinoff



captured this masterpiece over the weekend.

Just look at the above photo. Sweet Jesus, some guy is going to find himself one helluva woman when he marries this chick. Carrying a grill on her shoulder!

This is our wildest dream coming true.

In other news, Derek Jeter gives the final speech from Yankee Stadium and the lights went out one last time. ARod, the highest paid player in the history of the game and quite possibly your future home run king never even sniffed a mic. So sad for Frosted Tips.

Blow it up already.

Today’s Dump:

Blogger has Erin Andrews weekend assignment conspiracy theory [Harmless Emissions]

Johnny Damon wants to buy Yankee Stadium foul poles [NY Times]

Debate of the 2008 NFL season: Who is the hottest cheerleader [on205th]

Favre an 8.5 underdog on Monday Night Football [BetVega]

Patriots might be losers but they still have Rice Girl [The Meaningful Collateral]

The Auburn GameDay scene decent even without Erin Andrews [Friends of the Program]

Bugsandcranks.com Rays writer gets mohawk like players [YouTube]

Jenny McCarthy’s sister not bad to look at when bored [Bright Black Internet]

This chick looks like a Gina Gershon spinoff [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Yet another look at the legend of Denise Milani [Coed]

Lucy Clarkson will wake your ass up [CelebSlam]

Charlize Theron in Italian Vanity Fair [CamelTap]

This chick is a model, world chess champion [Celebridiot]

The following galleries should make you Monday a little better [Uncoached]

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