Michigan Playboy Model Renee Alison Has A Secret

Renee stops in to visit with the 101 WRIF dorks in Detroit.

We continue our continuing special team coverage of the Big Ten Playboy Tour with a story out of the University of Michigan about one of the school’s naked chicks.

College OTR is all over the Renee Alison (nice fake name) story from the Michigan Daily where the blond reveals a secret crush she’s had on Playboy since early on.

We love feel good stories.

“When I was in 5th grade, I was 11 years old and I was a Playboy Bunny for Halloween,” she said. “I had a little T-shirt on, and the bunny ears and curly hair.“

Hmm……go on…….this story is getting good.

Nice handful man cans on the WRIF DJ.

And how did your parents feel about that childhood dream coming true?

“My dad was really excited,” Alison said, who is from Northville. “He calls everyone he knows (to tell them) that I’m going to be in there. I’m pretty sure I could get arrested and he’d be proud of me, though.”

Seriously, if anyone knows this chick’s real name, phone number, email, etc., hit us up.

She stole our heart. Naked. Fully, by the way. Naughty from way back. Bartender. Cool parents. Blond. A student. We can deal with the Michigan thing.

Perfect in so many ways.

Playboy magazine features ‘U’ students [Michigan Daily]