The Afternoon Dump: Kate Moss Is Drunk, Flounder From Animal House, Duke’s New Name, Brad Pitt’s Beard, Model Wins Chess Tourney, 10 Non-Arguable Things


I would have to agree on Ursula being in the top 5.

So yesterday I made a comment about the Colts getting healthy and being back to the way they use to be, I lied. I wrote before I even got my facts right. Bob Sanders will not be playing in the game on Sunday, we will still win but I wanted to clarify that. Lets go Colts.

My buddy wants to sell me an Iowa student section ticket for $50 when they play Purdue. It may just be worth it.

Oh and of course Purdue will win tomorrow. We win by 13. 

Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

I wonder how safe it would be to ride this bike [Bright Black Internet]

This celeb, Kate Moss, is a little drunk [Celebslam]

This is the sure way of knowing if your girlfriend is crazy or not [Co-ed Magazine]

Possibly the ultimate job after Formula One racing, Honda time [on 205th]

The weird guy from “Animal House” had been found [uncoached]

Oh no, Duke may no longer be called the Blue Devils [College OTR]

Some Fantasy Football advice [Tasty Booze]

We all need to have this kind of home defense [YepYep]

Everyone wants to be like Brad Pitt [Camel Tap]

Who said (part  time) models couldn’t be smart [Celebridiot]

Probably 10 things you shouldn’t argue with [Epic Carnival]

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