The 20 All-Time Best ESPN GameDay Signs

It all began 15 years ago.
Back in 1993, ESPN took it’s College GameDay show on the road and the rest is history. The very first road show was held at the Game of the Century, Notre Dame vs. Florida State in South Bend. Corso picked FSU and, of course, Notre Dame won.
What has happened since is the transformation of college football into a billion dollar industry.
In honor of the 15th anniversary, Busted Coverage has compiled the “20 All-Time Greatest College GameDay Signs.”
Feel free to argue, protest and tell us we are wrong. The editors enjoy the hatred.

Urination signs are always a riot

Chicks always love when Shocker shows up at GameDay. The party is on.

Corso: A sex machine

References to terrorists are always guaranteed to get on TV

Mangino front butt (look over Frosted Tips left shoulder)

One of the classics. Perfect placement. Timely. Funny.

Talking about the opposing QBs virginity gets on this list

Stoops Drives A Mini Van

One from last week but still perfect for the Tebow phenomenon

Possibly the all-time greatest sign to ever grace GameDay

Going back to 2005 for this classic

A sign of the times

More sexual references to Corso and still funny

Two great ones from a show at the University of Kentucky

Kentucky guys love Tebow’s mom

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