5 Must Haves Before Reunion Arena Is Blasted

#5 : A plush Reunion Arena seet seat complete with drink holder

It’s a shame really.

The city of Dallas is in the midst of selling off the pieces to Reunion Arena ahead of its March 2009 implosion.

This is the same place where thousands slept after Katrina blasted their Louisiana homes. Benny Hinn held a Miracle Crusade in this building. Madonna performed there on her Blond Ambition tour.

Even those party animal Republicans held a national convention in this building.

Now is your chance to buy a piece of this great American history. Just imagine sitting back in your Reunion Arena theater-like seat, sipping on a beer and thinking back to the simpler days when Rolando Blackman used to light it up.

“The Top 5 Reunion Arena Must Haves Before They Blow The Place To Pieces,” list.

#4. An actual beer system used inside Reunion. Just imagine all the great memories these taps were responsible for. A real collector’s item for a Dallas Mavs fan of the mid-90s.

#3. The classic stainless steel whirlpool tub where Shawn Bradley soaked his shins one leg at a time.

#2. Look at the history on that Speakman shower head. You throw that in your Mavs man cave and your buddies will be so impressed.

#1. Holy shit! The holy grail of Reunion Arena memorabilia. An unopened barrel of hydrochloric acid in a $40 returnable container.

Sidenote: We are urgently looking for auction details on the pissers. Those are always a crowd favorite.

(Thanks to the Dallas Observer for photos used in this post. More auction photos here.)

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