Michigan State Trash Talks UM Playboy Models

We continue to delve deeper into the news coming out of the Playboy Big Ten Campus Tour.

Last night the action was in East Lansing where the girls signed autographs in a liquor store.

Yes, right in front of 40 oz. bottles of malt liquor.

And it seems the ladies were in the mood to have a little fun at the expense of University of Michigan Playboy models, according to fine reporting at the Lansing State Journal.

Wisper family: MSU ladies much prettier than UM

(Lynn) Wisper – who posed in the magazine with fellow student Ryan Lovette – said she felt a little like a celebrity signing autographs. A few times, she signed her name along with “Go MSU” or “Go Spartans.”

A senior majoring in hospitality business, Wisper received nothing but accolades from her family and friends.

“They loved the pictures. They said that the girls from State looked the best,” she said. “Much better than U of M.”

A family that talks smack has hero status with Busted Coverage. Go, family!

But that wasn’t the only stab at Michigan women.

“MSU girls are definitely the hottest because U of M has been keeping ugly girls out of State since 1865,” one Spartans student told the LSJ.

First it was that pseudo University of Florida chick trash talking the Big Ten. Now the schools are turning on each other.

Can’t we all just get along and naked?

MSU Playboy Ladies:

UM Playboy Ladies: