Cuervo Girls Actually Work, Blow On Thundersticks

Kelly (left) struggles to get any air out of that blond head.

You thought we forgot about beach volleyball?

Wrong, suckers.

We were just waiting for the tour to get back into gear after the Olympics. From the looks of things, both the volleyball players and the Cuervo Girls are back to their antics.

The following photos come via this past weekend’s AVP stop in San Francisco. You’ll never guess who won the woman’s bracket?

And here we figured the ladies just stood around serving tequila. Yeah, right.

Looks like some volleyball tour needs a cheap Black & Decker Air Station Inflator. We knew the AVP was struggling, but this is crazy.

These ladies need to save their lungs for more important things like screaming “Belly button shots! Who’s next!”

Or the always intimidating, “Get your fat blogger ass away from me right now.”

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