The Afternoon Dump: Ugly Reporters, New Hot Cheerleaders, Beautiful SEC Women, Protect Your Car, Remarkable Hail Mary, Worst National Anthem.

This picture is smoking 

 I personally find Jerry Springer very amusing. I came back after class turned the TV on and saw Jerry Springer. So in this episode was title “I am in love with my uncle.” Some girl wants to be with her uncle, that is gross. I am sure it really happens somewhere in the country but not on that show. That show is fake but just amusing.

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Afternoon Dump

This is not the list of hot reporters but quite opposite, it is the ugly reporters on tv today [Tailgating Ideas]

Who would it be? Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde [Co-ed Magazine]

Hot cheerleaders at the beach [Bright Black Internet]

No one should ever complain about their roads well unless you have been on this one [on 205th]

Some of the beautiful women of the SEC [Poon of the SEC]

Every guy would (NOT) love to watch football this girl [uncoached]

The only way to truly protect a car from a hurricane [Tasty Booze]

Three time gold winner may have been sexually abused when she was 5 [RightFielder Women]

Two guys in the background of this video are making it hot for CNN [Brahsome]

Hail Marys usually don’t work but it did here [Epic Carnival]

Possibly the worst National Anthem ever performed  [YepYep]