Daily Dump: Erin Andrews Knocked Out Of #1 Sexiest Sportscaster Spot, USC Doesn’t Lose On Saturday Night, KG’s Shoes For $1K & Adriana On TV



Farabe is just about perfect in our professional estimation.

By the time you read this the powers that be at Busted Coverage will be in the air to Los Angeles for the biggest football game of the college football season.

If things seem quiet around here the next few days it will be due to our goal of watching hot L.A. chicks, drinking alcohol and hoping a classic football game breaks out.

We’ll be 20 rows up in the non-bleacher side. The hope is that this will give us a good vantage point for the Song Girls. One can only hope.

Today’s Dump:

Erin Andrews is #2 on this sexiest sportscasters list [Coed]

Very cool research: NFL QB Anagrams [NE Patriots Draft]

Tonight’s college football action USF vs. Kansas [BetVega]

The numbers don’t lie; USC doesn’t lose on Saturday night [Rizzo Sports]

USC to unveil insane HD scoreboard [Machochip]

Blogger talks sports with Thesy Surface [Major League Jerk]

$1k will get you KG’s shoes [Don Chavez]

If shoes aren’t your thing, maybe these wheelchairs will interest you [Holy Taco]

Kardashian and giant ass take stage at Dancing With The Stars [Derober]

Adriana Lima coming to network television, men pumped [on205th]

You cannot coach this woman, she’s an expert in bed [Uncoachable]

Finally a chick that didn’t go too big with implants [Gorilla Mask]

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