The Afternoon Dump: Thats A Huge Coach, Poor Old Vince Young, Favorite 80's Quotes, Cubs Hit Hard, Texas Longhorn Apparel, New Giants Stadium.

 These are some of the hottest twins alive. 

 It has been 7 years. 7 years ago today millions upon millions lives changed.  I will never forget that day, nor will you. I am sorry for the victims and the families who suffered through this tragedy. September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten in my heart.

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Have a good day. (7 years) 
Afternoon Dump
There sure are some BIG coaches in the NFL and NCAAF [The Money Shot]
Schilling is past his prime, this letter explains it all [Sports Crackle Pop]
Vince Young looks like Billy Bob, so he knows college picks [Friends Of The Program]
There are certain 80’s quotes that can never be forgotten [uncoached]
This would be the funniest high jump that you can see [Tasty Booze]
Kanye West jumped someone, what is this world coming to [Celebslam]
5 reasons not to feel bad for Tom Brady [Co-Ed Magazine]
The Cubs just play dirty [Epic Carnival]
Women of the SEC, look at the last girl [Poon of the SEC]
More than likely you own some sort of Texas Longhorn item [Brahsome]
The New York Giants stadium to be called a Nazi affiliated name [Machochip]

Cuff 'Em: Colts Defensive Tackle Ed Johnson Gives Penn State Another Black Eye
Cuff 'Em: Colts Defensive Tackle Ed Johnson Gives Penn State Another Black Eye
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