The Afternoon Dump: The Come Backs, $1 Million Car, Big Crash in Paralympics, Beautiful Mexican Woman, Drunk Cricket Fans, The Internet Is Changing, Britney And Jamie Spears Are Idols.


Miss Mellie is very attractive “Myspace-ian.”

Although my favorite football team lost last week(the Colts) I still count it as a win. I am fascinated with Brady being hurt, but I am a huge Colts fan. Any Colts fan is having a good week right now.

The top 3 cheapest meals a college student can buy are the following: Top Ramen ($.23), Instant Lunch ($.32), and Banquet TV dinners ($.99). So if you are in college I would recommend getting some of these, they are definitely worth it.

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Afternoon Dump

The people over at Boston Score sure do know the art of retiring [Boston Score]

There are some ugly shirts in golf [Polite Applause]

I believe everyone wants to be Beckham [Sports Crackle Pop]

6 out of 11 are done for in the 5000 m of the Paralympics [Steady Burn]

This woman is why many will move to Mexico now, in hopes to find someone like her [uncoached]

I feel bad for any person that has to go through this pain [on 205th]

These two companies have a major impact on our economy, maybe [Co-ed Magazine]

It makes sense, you have to be drunk to enjoy Cricket [Tasty Booze]

Jennifer Aniston is still a fox [Celebslam]

For all of those web designers [Bright Black Internet]

The internet has changed oh so much [Camel Tap]

Who wouldn’t want Britney and Jamie as daughters? [College OTR]

So apparently according to this SEC girl, Big Ten girls aren’t hot enough [No-Name247]

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