The Ultimate NFL Experience: Hire A Cheerleader


If you’ve been following along it would be clear that we are on a kick to find out exactly which cheerleading squad to hire for the ultimate football party.

We’ve found two college squads worth hiring: USC and UCLA.

But the Busted Coverage editors wanted more options so the logical thinking was to inquire with NFL teams for hiring their cheerleaders. And the results were shocking. If you are using the Tennessee Titans cheerleaders to promote a business they will run you $300/hr (minimum of 4 ladies). On the other end of the spectrum, Seattle is a steal at just $150 per hour.
At these prices we are calling this segment, “The Ultimate NFL Experience: Hire A Cheerleader.”

The $300/hr level from San Diego Chargers cheerleaders will get you:


The $250/hr level from San Diego Chargers cheerleaders will get you:




The $250/hr level from 49ers cheerleaders will get you:



The $150/hr level from Seahawks cheerleaders will get you:




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