The Afternoon Dump: Soccer Player In Pain, The NFL Fans Pay, Patriots QB Sings, Beyonce Has One Huge Ring, Funny Bike Crash, Wall To Wall.



There are some pretty Argentinians, just like Rocio

It’s official, Tom Brady is out for the entire season. His replacement will step in and have to win some. With the receiving core that New England has, he should do pretty good.

Last two days I have been more tired than i have been all semester, now heres the messed up part, I have slept 8 hours both nights. In total I have gotten 16 hours of sleep in the last two nights. So whoever said 8 hours a night is what people should get sleeping is completely wrong. You either need under 7 or over 9.

Have a good day guys. 

Afternoon Dump

He broke his leg celebrating a goal, well not really a goal [Sports Crackle Pop]

Tim was .08 away on his blood-alcohol level from dying [Sports Culture]

Reviews on first year coaches in the NCAAF [EDSBS]

NFL fans need winning teams, coaches need to listen up [Machochip]

I love his facial reaction to what he does [Next Round]

It’s a new kind of game, its Georgia taking on ESPN [Awful Announcing]

The new starting quarterback for the New England Patriots likes to sing [uncoached]

Kate Perry looks good in front of a lot of different colors [Co-ed Magazine]

You could go a long time without working if you had this ring [Celebslam]

This person must feel like a  complete idiot after this crash [Epic Carnival]

Some wall to wall action [on 205th]

Fantasy Football sure is complicated once you think about it [Holy Taco]

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