Florida Gator Ladies Grab Hose, Bong Some Natty


We’ve been waiting for LSU fan to drop classic drunken videos like last year and it just isn’t happening.

These damn hurricanes have been ruining the fun in Baton Rouge.

Leave it to Gator fan to pick up the slack with this raging bongfest before last week’s Miami game. We’re pretty disturbed by the amount of alcohol that was wasted making this video but the hot chicks easily make up for the party fouls.

The videographer report:

Florida Gator football fans and Miami Hurricane fans come together for an all out party. 17 Kegs were drank! Beer was flying everywhere literally! It was the baddest tailgate party on the block!

We weren’t paying for the beer and it’s always fun to see Natty Light spraying on the coeds.

Enjoy, we did.

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