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College '08: USC Song Girls Soaked In Tahoe


Summer of ’08: Song Girls get wet in Tahoe

Somehow, someway these photos, published back in August, slipped past Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich.

He has been properly reprimanded and told to never let it happen again or he’ll be back on Craigslist cruising for a job in this terrible market. Good luck fat ass.

Anyway, these photos come from the yearly USC Song Girls & Marching Band trip to Tahoe to frolic in the surf and get each other wet.

It’s probably for team building.

For male band members it’s a gift from God. There are 4 instances they will never forget: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years at Tahoe watching the Song Girls in those wet sweaters.

[Hire The Song Girls]

[Song Girls Get Wet Circa 2007]


[Photo Credit]

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