UCLA Cheerleader $100/HR Or $150/HR Song Girl?

Needless to say there was plenty of buzz surrounding our, um, investigation into the possible hiring of USC Song Girls ($150/hr) to liven up any party you might be throwing.

Now comes word that there is a cheaper alternative just up the road at UCLA.

Our investigative staff has uncovered documents that show you can hire a Bruins’ cheerleaders for $100 per hour.

Do you want your guests to be impressed and remember your next gathering? Do not miss out on the opportunity to include the UCLA Spirit Squad in your event planning! We have performed at a variety of events and we look forward to enhancing your next gathering!

Is this some sort of trick question.

Screw our guests. We want to be impressed by the UCLA cheerleaders. And at $100 per hour that is a steal compared to those overpriced chicks from the USC ‘hood.

We’re torn between the two squads.

Do we overpay for the more notorious Song Girls and hope they join us for a beer bong or two.

Or, do we go the cheaper route and save the extra cash for booze.

[A good look at this year’s crop of UCLA cheerleaders]

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