Philly Fans Give Shea Stadium One Final Fight

We don’t get to see the actual fight that led up to this weekend’s physical ejection of Phillie fan via Shea Stadium security, but stick around until the 1:15 mark to see fat Phillie wife being pulled down the stairs.

And this beefy non-looker is not going quietly.

You also get to see Phillie drunk having his (Brett Myers?) jersey being yanked on by the yellow shirts.

The videographer has the full report:

Three drunk Philly Fans begin to harass the crowd and goes as far as spitting on people. Early that day a Philly fan (Female)from the same group was ejected for snatching a nine year kids sign and attempted to performed Orijami. Anyway, when security was attempting to escort them out, a redneck inbred from Philly (wearing a Flyers hat)heard the Rocky theme in his head…and tried to take on FIVE Shea Stadium Security guards. Well let just say he will have a headache tomorrow. Next time don’t go to another teams house (METS) and get sh@t faced, on the $9 beer. Welcome to New York.

That’s it folks. The final fight video from Philly and Mets fan at Shea.

It’s a sad day for all who really care about such things.