Daily Dump: Ladies On The Prowl At VMAs, Adidas Dresses College Losers, Washigton Huskies Get Hosed & Erin Andrews Wants Hoagie


She’s Russian and is a singer. America (& BC) needs more of Anna.

Week One of the NFL: Decent.

Yeah, Tom Brady became mortal and the AFC East just opened up for a new champion. Indy showed it can be beat since a guy with a neckbeard went into Oil Stadium and demolished that defense. Thanks to Al Michaels for telling the world that Orton is now married. You should have seen our Google search term hits go crazy. Type in “Kyle Orton wife” to see the reason.

In college football, we’d like to thank the Buckeyes for showing up in the second half and not ruining our trip to L.A.

Finally, what the hell is the U.S. Open doing going until 11:30 p.m.? Do we really need the women’s championship starting so late on a Sunday night? Against the first Sunday Night Football game? Not very smart.

Today’s Dump:

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