Bikinis & Betting Lines: Anna Faris & Minny

Anna will need to hose us off at banging out a 2-0 evening.

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Just think, with the extra money you’ll be able to buy the ladies expensive drinks and new shoes.

Odds and bikinis after the jump…

Yesterday: 1-1 (4-1 weekend)
Cincy blew a giant ‘Nati three-way dong and when Tom Brady’s knee gave out our 15.5 dog was nearly a guarantee.

Today we slam down some bones on both NFL games.

Minny +2 vs. GB: Usually in this circumstance we would suggest going with the more experienced QB. Since both of these guys are being weened off the nipple we say the best route is to think of the running game.

21-20 GB. (Take the points)

Broncos -3 vs. Oakland: This one has been bet up from Denver -1. Begging us to take the Raiders? Not us. We’re not falling for this trap. The Raiders will have a decent year but not until the running game gets in a groove.

31-24 Denver. (Take Denver)

If you plan to take USC this weekend we suggest you get the line now before it gets out of control. It opened at -9 and is all the way to -11 at one book.