'Bama's Famous Ramp Lady Shaking Her Ass

What the hell is that annoying, stupid friggin’ scream?

Well it’s none other than the infamous Rena Ramp Lady ruining yet another Alabama tailgate with that bedroom howl she’s become known for.

This orgasmic howl has been annoying Tide fans since at least 2005 when an article was actually published on this annoyance.

Hayes said she got her nickname because she never sat in her assigned seat. Instead, she moved to the ramp to yell for the Tide.

“I have no idea where my seat is … hell, I don’t know where my seat is tonight,” she said.

With Ramp Lady attending so many Bama functions, most would think she’s a Tuscaloosa resident, right?


“I still stay in Prattville, I drive up here for anything,” she said. “I never went to the University, I just grew up bleedin’, living and breathing Crimson Tide football.”

More orgasmic screams from this woman after the jump…

Just think…she’s married.