Chinese TV Reporter Loses Job For Jerking It

Somewhere Carl Monday is shaking his head.

Monday, the legend behind the “You Jackin’ It” report made famous via Deadspin and The Daily Show, probably wouldn’t appreciate his fellow newsman in Hong Kong who was arrested for jerking it in public back in July – on the top level of a double-decker bus.

Just this week he had to face a court over this incident.

The journalist, Chiu Yu-kit, told a court he was spanking it to relieve stress. The court, obviously feeling his pain, has put him on a good behavior bond and told to manage his stress better.”

Yeah, like get a monthly membership to, or visit on205th. Something other than the desperate attempt to work your sword in public.

The court told told Chiu he should “talk to others or exercise when he was stressed and if that failed he should seek counseling from doctors or experts.”