NFL '08: Congrats To This Guy For Dating This Titans Cheerleader, MTSU Student


The email came into BC HQ this morning.
“You have to see the guy who’s dating a Titans’ cheerleader rookie,” BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich wrote.
That can sometimes be a trap. He usually sends along some sort of semi-gayish photo that frankly isn’t worth our time.
But in this instance he struck gold. Not only is Ally Baucom a beautiful woman at a tender age, a student at Middle Tennessee State University and a Tennessee Titans cheerleader, but she’s also making at least one guy’s dream come true – that boyfriend above.


Dude, we’d be smiling too with that on our arms.

Here at BC we’re not much to look at.
A few too many beers, late-night chicken wings while watching the Fox Sports West Coast game and poor sleeping habits have left us a ravaged mess. Our ‘game’ was spent years ago. Chicks like this usually avoid eye contact.
That is why we are sending out our congratulations to this guy for landing Ally.
May we suggest slamming a rock on that finger now before she gets a good look at Vince Young in action.

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