Daily Dump: OSU-USC Tickets In Hand, Tailgating With Kige, Pats' Cheerleaders Train, John Holmes Makes Ryder Cup, Hookers And Blow Rock Out & Brooke Pops Out



Can Olivia Munn talk sports and hang out on sidelines? If so, she’s a 10+.

There was a glorious sight in the mailbox last night. No, not new porn videos.
Instead, it was a FedEx package from StubHub with two tickets to the USC-OSU game inside. Those friggin’ things are like gold right now.
There is an entire vetting process to these tickets. Are they phony? Were they really worth that sort of money? Will AirTran make sure our plane lands on-time? Will the Song Girls be that hot in person?
Just 8 days until touch down in L.A.
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