Daily Dump: 90210 Babe Showdown, Ancient Erin Andrews Photo Surfaces, Raiderettes Finish Calendar & Britney Spears Back To Trashiness



As seen on this week at the Kansas tailgate.

So Tiger Woods has been busy during this downtime. It’s good to see Elin didn’t eat a little wedding cake and turn off the sex.

Then again, he’s Tiger.

We must say that this VP choice by McCain has been great. The inbox is full of Photoshopped pictures of Palin in bikinis, with guns, killing animals, etc.

Nothing says sexy like a woman dropping a moose and drinking a 6-pack of Natty Light in celebration.

Today’s Dump:

90210 Babe Showdown: Old vs. New [Coed]

Awesome betting info for this week’s NFL games [BetVega]

The best and worst players (all-time) from each NFL team [BushLeague]

Palin’s daughter wears OSU colors, bloggers attack [Meaningful Collateral]

Possibly the oldest Erin Andrews photo on the Net [Don Chavez]

Raiderettes finish calendar, get dressed up for the release party [on205th]

The trendsetter athletes who made changing names cool [Angry T]

Suggested names for Tiger’s second child [Banned In Hollywood]

Oscar de la Hoya will have to pay for being a fat ass [Machochip]

Oscar would love this game: Hot or Heavy [Liquid Generation]

5 most depressing bands that were commercially successful [Uncoached]

A weatherman who needs another drink [YepYep]

Today’s Tail:

Get out your Visa, fellas, this one is going to cost you [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Believe it! This chick is 35 [Holy Taco]

The boozers break tradition and post photos of chick in bikini [Tasty Booze]

Lindsey Lohan weighs in on Palin’s daughter; like we even care, take off clothes! [Blog of Hilarity]

Ms. Palin sporting something Cindy doesn’t and John really likes these [Flatusyahu]

Yet another hot chick who would do dirty things to Obama [Bright Black Internet]

Britney Spears back to Wal-Mart trashiness [Derober]

The return of slutty Miss USA [NextRound]

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