Bums Of The Big 12: Count The Rotten Tooths!


Lock and Load! We think there are 10 showing at this angle.

BC just couldn’t let this guy go without a further investigation into how many teeth are really in his mouth.

You might remember this guy from yesterday’s video where he tells the YouTube world his thoughts on Oklahoma football and drops the first classic line of College Football ’08.

“Who’s gonna lock and load?”

“UT, of course.”

If this wasn’t funny enough, BC editors wanted to do a full report on the number of teeth still festering in this guy’s mouth. We’re calling this the “Bums of the Big 12: Count The Rotten Tooths!”

We’re dropping this early in the day so you don’t vomit over lunch.

Picture #1: Proof of school colors


Picture #3: Throwing up the horns and close to needing a drink.


Picture #4: Notice the mouth is caved in. Not many pearls hiding in that mouth.


Picture #5: Perfect clearance for an entire apple without hitting a tooth.


Picture #6: There you have it folks. Now go brush your teeth.


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