"Oklahoma Sucks Like A B!tch!," Texas Bum Reports

*20 seconds into video

His words, not ours. We try to avoid any lawsuits from Bob Stoops and the fine folks in Norman. They’ve been known lately to throw down in court.

What a great day.

BC gets back into the grind and these videos start showing up in our inbox.

We love football, but the drunks, vagrants, tailgate crashers, fights and rivalries make us proud.

Take this UT fan.

Hasn’t seen a shower or a dentist in years and these fine folks allow him into their area to suck down some beers and scare little children. Normally these people would call police and lock their doors.

Introducing your 2008 Oklahoma Sooners’ cheerleaders [Credit]

But it’s football season, when vagrants can talk shit about OU and make Texas children scream in laughter.