Milwaukee Is Home To Giant 144-Person Beer Bong

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This should give college frats and engineering students a challenge during the 2008-2009 school year.

Leave it to the fine folks boozers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to devise a way to incorporate PVC plumbing pipe, plastic hoses and 2X4 lumber into a 144-person beer bong.

This monster made its debut this weekend during the 105th anniversary of Harley Davidson.

Milwaukee Harley is calling this construction project the “World’s Largest Beer Bong.”

Twin keg barrels pump into the piping system

It’s good to see that America still has that can-do spirit.

The details:

8 drinking sections

18 hoses per section

9 per side

144 total hoses

The previous self-proclaimed world record holding beer bong also came from Wisconsin. The problem with this 100-person bong was the wiring.

What we are seeing now is the next generation of bonging. Better engineering and preparation.

A forklift guides the kegs into position


A full-length view of this beauty [Photo Credit]

The keg pumper gives Milwaukee a show to inspire more drinking.

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