Cleavage Alert! Heidi Watney Top Keeps Lowering

Aug. 20: The top continues its fall [Photo Credit]

Our Heidi Watney watch continues because, frankly, you guys are going crazy for the NESN “reporter.”

8,000 of you have watched this terrible video. There are rumors of a Varitek-Watney relationship brought on after the captain filed for divorce. One site even says it’s possible they are living together.

Meanwhile, our editors have been keeping a close eye on Watney’s clothing choices and have noticed a recent trend.

Her shirts keep getting lower and the smile gets wider.

July 30: A day that will never be forgotten by this Sox fan [Photo Credit]

July 13: A little lace to beat the summer heat [Photo Credit]

May 14: Notice the difference between then and now [Photo Credit]

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