We Survived Lincoln, Nebraska & Shot-Ski

Nebraska fans have a unique way of doing shots.

The contraption above is called a Shot-Ski and there is some sort of Cornhusker chant that goes on before then doing a shot of tequila or whatever these great people are willing to serve you.

Nebraska fans are by far the nicest people this group has ever met.

Whether it was offering us free beers, food, conversation or cheer the losing team after the game, Nebraska fans should be proud.

Go to Ohio State or Penn State and see how they treat the visitors. At Penn State, wear the wrong jersey and you might have beers thrown at you.

So, while we enjoy being home from a long road trip, hopefully this isn’t our last visit to Lincoln.

Things will return to normal tomorrow.

It’s a holiday. Act like it.

Blond and tan seems to be normal in Lincoln

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