Robert Paxton Cashes In On Keg Photo Greatness

We started this week by introducing the blogging public to Robert Paxton, a community college president, who helped a young lady get saucy over the July 4 holiday.

Today we find out that the above photo turned into a $400,000 payday for Bob.

At [Thursday’s] board meeting, the trustees met for eight minutes and agreed, without discussion, to accept Paxton’s resignation and approve a compensation package for him. The deal calls for Paxton to receive $200,000 in January 2009 and $200,000 in January 2010.

It’s the perfect way to end this week. On a good note.

Let this be a lesson to all aspiring (community) college presidents. Stay young, fit and buy a nice friggin’ boat that will attract hot chicks.

The next thing you know a board of trustees will be offering you ticket into retirement and enough cash to keep your garage stocked with Coors mini kegs for the ladies.