Will Erin Andrews Overload On 'Cocks, Paper Asks

Too much ‘Cocks for EA? No!

This might be the biggest story to hit Columbia, South Carolina since Steve Spurrier was introduced to the community.
Erin Andrews is in town and the friggin’ hysteria from the local media is amusing. A week ago there were stories about ESPN sending our lovely EA to the South Carolina-NC State game.
Today we find her answering Five Questions (thieves!) from The State newspaper. And the reporter was able to sneak in one innuendo question that perked our interest.

Q: You also are going to be at Vanderbilt next week. Is that potentially too much Gamecocks?
A: No! It’s funny. Jesse Palmer’s with us this year, he’s a former Gator quarterback. This is kind of like Florida Part II. This is kind of like Florida’s step-child. There’s a lot of family here, from coach Spurrier and his family to a lot of people on his staff.

Florida’s step-child. Good one.
Then EA goes on to speak eloquently about Spurrier’s life, his age and how he has changed with the times. The old ball coach makes his players do Pilates.
It’s a good read if you can stand any more bullshit about how great Steve is.

Lunchtime Lust: Holly Willoughby Ice Cream Photo
Lunchtime Lust: Holly Willoughby Ice Cream Photo
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