The Afternoon Dump: Peyton Manning Wants More Football, Best NCAA Teams, How To Last Longer, Youtube Over The Phone, UCLA In Trouble


Jessica is the perfect girl to calm your needs.

Day Four of my internship here at BC. I have been getting some emails from you guys and i appreciate it. Keep them coming (

I want everyone to realize that Michael Phelps is a fish, no one can beat him. Seriously, think about it.

For some reason the links are not opening up in a new window. We are trying to fix this, sorry.

Have a good one guys.

Afternoon Dump

The best football player wants football in the Olympics, I think we would always win [Steady Burn]

Top 10 best college football teams [Real Clear Sports]

Minor Leagues trading cards to Minor Leagues Manure [The Sports Point]

Does it really work? Will you last longer? [Tasty Booze]

Is it Pac-man Jones or is it Adam Jones? [Brahsome]

Just for you Gator Fans [Coed Magazine]

What life was like when YouTube was over the phone [Bright Black Internet]

This hot cheerleader is in Maxim now, Congrats [CollegeOTR]

One School. Three Arrest. Wow. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

College athletes and money [The Big Lead]

UCLA to lose scholarships [Loser with Socks]

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