Raw Video Of Jose Guillen Wanting To Kick KC Ass


Normally a cell phone video would never make it onto BC. There is already enough noise in our heads to stand poor sound and grainy motion.

Backstory – Jose Guillen makes last out of inning, likely has been taking shit from drunk KC fans all game and finally had enough. He snaps and the video rolls.

From the videographer:

Royals OF Jose Guillen wants to fight a fan at Kauffman Stadium. Guillen claims the fan said something about a member of Guillen’s family. This video proves that the fan was just booing Jose’s .250 average and lack of hustle.

His manager has no comment.

“I was actually in the toilet, so I didn’t see it,” Hillman said. “Managers do have to use the restroom and I guess I picked a bad time to be in the restroom. … There’s no sense on commenting on it.”

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