The Afternoon Dump: New airline regulations, Hitler with Phelps, 50 guys 1 girl, High School to Pro, The best thing since charcoal, Power of Wikipedia, 149 innings

Valarie makes the day so much better

So last night i received my first email about a suggestion for links, thanks Paul. I will be working on getting some of those links in the next few days. Don’t forget guys, I would love to get some links or some suggestions at anytime (

Random Purdue fact: It is sad that I have to drive to a class when I live on campus.

Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

I wonder what airlines would be like if these were the rules [Celebridiot]

Take my word, head butting could get you in to trouble [College OTR]

Two words: Fernanda Ferrari [Holy Taco]

Michael Phelps, 8 medals, Olympics in Munich, 1972, Hitler [Tasty Booze]

The Worcester Tornadoes coach is defending Roger Clemens [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

50 guys behind this woman golfer, where are their eyes? [Bright Black Internet]

Will that one guy who won the Heisman last year win again this year? [Dan Shanoff]

Some picks for college football [Cuzoogle]

High School cheerleaders to Pro Cheerleaders [Brahsome]

Where is field goal kicker from the winning team of the Super Bowl going? [The Big Picture]

Probably the best grilling invention for tailgating since the idea of charcoal [Tailgating Ideas]

You have to love Wikipedia, the power to change whatever you want [Epic Carnival]

Wow, 149 inning whiffle ball game [Steady Burn]