Daily Dump: National Nightmare Over Mariotti Resigns, No More Soup For NFL Moms, Chris Bosh A Circus Character To Chinese & Stacey Keibler Looking Damn Good



The perfect remedy for a sinus cold: Spencer lounging in her yellow shorts 

How great!

Just as we prepare for college football season BC is nearly destroyed by a sinus cold.  If things are slow around here today it’s due to this nonsense.

We’ll struggle through and hopefully provide you with a decent look into the absurd world of booze, ladies and football.

Getting that damn intern up to speed is going well. If you have a link for the Afternoon Dump, send it his way 


Today’s Dump:

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No more soup for NFL moms [You Been Blinded]

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BC a possible replacement for Mariotti at Sun Times? We’ll pass [Top Ten Chicago]

The official news of Mariotti leaving the Sun Times [Tribune]

Speaking of Chicago, Lohan thinks neckbeard is super hot [Sports Crackle Pop]

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Take a ride on the Anal Surpise [Tasty Booze]

10 commercials featuring stars before they were important [Uncoached]

6 all-time terribly good fight scenes [YepYep]

How about a mindless movie for butch lesbians and men [NextRound]

Mexican drug lord inspires a new beer [Machochip]

Today’s Tail: 

Stacey Keibler somehow fits into this pair of shorts [on205th]

US Open cameramen catch this Ivanovic shot [Bright Black Internet]

Tennis courts crawling with hot moms [MacGsWorld]

Blogger has a boxed gift for Hayden’s birthday [Derober] 

This chick is so foreign and so friggin’ hot [Coed]

The Mac guy tagging Kirsten Dunst? Looks that way [CelebSlam]

Of course you want to see the new Greek Maxim bikini photos [CamelTap]