Coastal Carolina Football Player Teaches Fellow Student A Lesson, Dangles Her From Balcony


Question: How does a Coastal Carolina football player discipline a chick for asking him to turn down his rap music?

Answer: Freshman defensive lineman Jeremy Harden dangles such women over a balcony, according to police reports out of South Carolina.

The kid hasn’t played a snap or even chosen a major and he’s already racked up a police profile. All the chick wanted was some silence for her roommates to study.


The Dangler, #43, in happier times

From the local television incident report:

As stated in police reports obtained by WMBF News, the incident took place on the third floor of Maple Hall at the Conway campus. The female victim claims Harden dangled her over a balcony after she asked him to turn down his music so that her roommates could study.

Study? It’s week friggin’ one, darling.

For these football players it’s time to get acquainted to college life. They’ve been hitting each other for several weeks now and want to jam some tunes.

You’re lucky he didn’t drop you like a dead lift.