The Afternoon Dump: Chad Johnson, Phelps, Strahan, SEC, D.U.I., Oklahoma, Fox, Obama


I wonder what Spencer‘s tattoo means?

So day one of the Afternoon Dump went pretty well. Now it is day two, it is time for improvement. If you want to submit a link, give suggestions, or even complain about what I am doing wrong feel free to email me at .

Since I go to Purdue I thought I would give you a little fact about it: Books here are not cheap. It sucks.

Enjoy guys.

Afternoon Dump

Chad Johnson: Torn labia or torn labrum? [America’s White Boy]

Phelps c’onspiracy? It was just a matter of time [This is God Given]

Sorry to say but Michael Strahan has messed up teeth [Uncoached]

SEC Supperior? [Loser with Socks]

Trying to stop kids from playing baseball, now that’s wrong [Deuce of Davenport]

11 D.U.I.’s, now thats just a lot [Tasty Booze]

Like Camo? Then this is your best bet [Epic Carnival]

Oklahoma basketball, fraternity, ticket, enough said [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

Megan Fox is a dime. [on 205th]

The guy who lost to Phelps by .00000000001 wants a rematch, he will still lose [Brahsome]

Barack Obama is a Sox fan, makes sense [Machochip]

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