College Football ’08: A Reason To Pay Attention To Portland State Football & Her Name Isn’t Glanville



Molly, (Asian), and fellow PSU cheerleaders are ready for Glanville’s second season

You’ve seen these ladies before.

By now they might be the most famous sub-division football cheerleading squad in America.

Of course we are talking about the Portland State University cheerleaders and one of their leaders, a tiny 21-year-old Asian named Molly.

These women are primed for yet another season of Jerry Glanville football in Portland, Oregon. The Vikings only play one DI school (Washington State) so the squad would have remained in relative obscurity if not for this blog.


Molly (right) shows teamwork that makes the PSU ladies a BC favorite.

While the ladies are busy working on their new 2008 routines, Glanville has been trying to prepare a team that, frankly, sucked last year. Jerry tries to make sense of his team via The Oregonian.

“I used to look at Bud Grant’s teams … remember Bud Grant? He coached a team called the Vikings. When they started off the year, I’d say, ‘Oh, boy, I can’t wait to play them.’ And a Bud Grant team, after about four weeks, you’d say, ‘Do we have to play them?’ We’ve got to be a Bud Grant Vikings’ team. We’ve got to get better and better and better.


Once again, we see Molly (middle) working with her teammates


Attendance should be up for the Vikings after fans see Molly (left) in action.

See, we told you there was a reason Portland State cheerleaders were being profiled during our busiest time of the year.

They (Molly) are a party waiting to happen. You won’t find this sort of action at Northwestern, folks.

Busted Coverage thanks the PSU ladies for the entertaining photos and we’ll be checking in with you from time to time this season.

*The following photos are a small selection of Molly and her fellow cheerleaders.

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