Charlie Steiner Shaves His Beard, Reveals Dimples


The goofy glasses are all that remain of the Charlie Steiner profile

This has to be a first since the guy was 16.

Our gut told us we’d never see the day when Charlie Steiner went without that sweet movie producer, trimmed beard.

Charlie wasn’t sportin’ that grotesque Kyle Orton neckbeard crap. He put time into his trimming.

Exact cuts were made.

And now it is all gone. One very observant photographer caught Steiner Sunday tooling around the Dodgers batting cage before a game against the Phillies.

Closeup after the jump…

Motion blur for added effect on the dimples [Credit]

We’re not sure why this is even news. It’s like your father shaving his beard for the first time in your life.

You remember these things. The good old days of the cat using dad’s face as a scratch post. The days of dad getting beer foam on the stubble.

So long to Charlie’s beard. We’ll miss you.

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