Laurinaitis Dominates Playboy All-American Weekend; Tebow Misses The Shirtless Fun


Little Animal vocals, Texas’ Brian Orakpo guitar & Illinois’ Ryan McDonald drums

Remember how Tim Tebow refused to even be nominated for the Playboy All-American team?

Well, the Playboy photos from the All-American weekend have been released and it seems Timmy missed out on harmless Rock Band, pool volleyball, ping pong, all sorts of virtual sports and at least one older woman that ended up in the arms of James Laurinaitis.

Too bad, Timmy. We know how you can make older women smile at the golf course.

Event coordinator Nancy Cole touches Little Animals All-American pecs

From the look of things it’s good Tebow didn’t attend.His worshippers would obviously be horrified to see their God shirtless in a steamy game of pool volleyball. Again, Laurinaitis was right in the middle of the action, showing the ladies what All-American pecs look like in the flesh.

But it wasn’t just the pool and Rock Band stage where Laurinaitis held court.

He also made a weekend record 21 consecutive baskets at Pop-A-Shot.

The most disappointing aspect to this All-American Weekend was the lack of chicks in bikinis. There were no bunnies parading around the grounds.

Just shirtless college studs. Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich lives for this type of research.

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