Daily Dump: Kardashian Cuts Her Foot, Fox News F Bombs, Phelps Is A Dick, Blogger Loves Dewey From YardBarker And Tila Tequila So Fake




The Olympics are over….now we have time to search for chicks like the lovely Melissa.

Orel Hershiser seems like a decent guy, sorta goofy and easy to listen to.

He was way to freakin’ happy to broadcast the Little League World Series. And his stories were pretty horrible.

Enter Phil Mushnick of the NY Post. Orel gets the Monday wrath from the media destroyer. It helps Mushnick that Orel works for the evil empire at ESPN. You are nothing in sports media until Phil calls you out for being a moron who should be sacrificed to the media Gods.

Just a heads up. Today is the debut of our Afternoon Dump, the sister post to the Daily Dump. Yeah, two dumps in one day.

Take it easy on Kevin The Intern. He is getting a college education from Purdue and killing brain cells here in his extra time.

Today’s Dump:

Kardashian cuts foot, hotel room ‘looked like murder scene’ [TMZ]

Fox News…live from liberal scum parade….f-bombs live on TV [MacGsWorld]

The Daily Show billboard welcoming RNC to Minneapolis [Gina Vivinetto]

7 movies to come out of the Olympic Games [Cuzoogle]

Cuban judo Olympian really doesn’t like ref, kicks him in head [Machochip]

Michael Phelps is such a dick [Losers With Socks]

J.T. O’Sullivan joins long list of two letter sports greats [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Blogger compiles great encyclopedia of NFL media [Sports Media Journal]

Blogger has man crush on Dewey from YardBarker [Uncoached]

A ditty about donkeys and Adam Dunn for your Monday pleasure [Ryan Parker Songs]

Doctor’s office menu cuts to the chase, offers c*&t examination [Holy Taco]

This blogger tells us ‘you need to see more of Brianna Frost’ [Phil Knows Best]

Wake up with the ‘Bikini Teacher’ who sports giant implants [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Tila Tequila and fake lesbian girlfriend hit pool for fake photo day [Derober]

A fun game for you and the coworkers on a Monday morning: guess the breasts [on205th]

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