Scotty Nguyen Wants A F@$king Cocktail, Baby

In case you missed it, since most logical humans no longer waste time listening to Lon and Norman Chad, here is the drunken spectacle that is Scotty Nguyen at the 2008 WSOP $50k H.O.R.S.E. tourney.

Pay special attention half way through this video as Scotty goes off on staff for lack of attention in the beverage service.

He wants a cocktail baby. And he needs it now.

In happier times – with a beer

In a true class move, Scotty recently released a statement to CardPlayer saying sorry for his actions during this special tournament to honor the passing of the legendary Chip Reese.

Another thing, I always bring joy and excitement to the poker game every time I’m on tv, and all of you know, when Scotty Nguyen is on tv, your eyes are glued on the screen. Why? Because I make it fun so you guys don’t switch the channel. All these years that is all you’ve seen of me, and that is the real me. That proves to you, how great and nice I am, I am the real deal. One cannot be on tv all these years with the same persona if it wasn’t the real deal. Even during this final table, I still took time for all the fans with a smile on my face.

See, if Scotty didn’t get all lubed up you would have switched channels.

The man is a genius.