Daily Dump: Sacramone Returns To States, Spoon Me Raising Funds For Cheerleaders, Mushnick Angry, Alba Body Is Back, Paris Hilton Back To Old Ways



Nina contemplates a dip in the ocean while we debate whether to join her. 

Finally! The Olympics are history and now we can get down to business – the Democratic National Convention.

And football season. Thursday. The odds are out and ESPN is busily preparing its broadcast teams to include Erin Andrews making her 2008-09 football debut during Thursday’s NC State South Carolina game.

Now we just have to remember not to turn the channel to the DNC lovefest. 

Today’s Dump:

Sacramone returns home to a hero’s welcome, guys staring [Boston Globe]

Ice cream shop named ‘Spoon Me’ raising funds for cheerleaders [Daily Herald]

Mushnick, as usual, is angry at ESPN, MLB [NY Post]

Ever wonder what country has highest medal per capita count? [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

The Jessica Alba snapback continues [on205th]

Just think of Giada and her cleavage working in your kitchen [Don Chavez]

Paris Hilton back to her old ways [Dirty Rotten]

A legit reason to watch a show on the USA Network [Cuzoogle]

5′ 2″ and 95 pounds is pretty damn hot [Uncoached]

FHM Cyber Girl discovered giving pony rides in Cape Town [Bright Black Internet]

This chick has only first name and two implants [Gorilla Mask]