NCAA Football '08: Two Chicks Cheering For Tebow

Lauren in the middle of a Gator sandwich

Could the FSU Cow Girls reign be over?

Our College Football 2008 Season Preview rolls on in Busted Coverage style, stopping today in Gainesville, Florida where the sorority ladies are busily preparing their bodies and brains for the upcoming season.

Two of our favorite UF undergrads, Danielle and Lauren, spent the summer working on tans, partying and uploading plenty of photos for us dweebs to peruse. You’ve seen these two before but an update was needed. Danielle spent this summer shooting fitness photos (after jump).

While having a dominant football team is important to a university sports program, it doesn’t hurt to have hot chicks cruising campus. Prospective recruits come to town, see hot chicks, a nice JumboTron, their name on a locker and go home.

Danielle spent her summer working on her tailgating skills and abs

Hot chicks remain on recruit’s mind, play head games and ultimately leads that stud with a 4.4 to go where the lookers roam.

You don’t see the University of Buffalo producing BCS victories. Land hot chicks and you might get to the Motor City Bowl.


Year: Unknown

Sorority: Kappa Alpha Theta

Hobbies: Frat Row, keg beer, Gator football


Year: Unknown

Sorority: Delta Gamma

Loves: God, roller coasters and life

Family Life: Raised in Christian household