Kobald On Carano: I Plan On F*#king Her Sh!t Up


Scarier: This woman’s hair or her words to Gina Carano? 

We rarely stray into the world of MMA news but this one couldn’t get by our editorial team.

CagePotato via Fighthype has news of Gina Carano (Crush/American Gladiator) being trashed talked by her next opponent, Kelly Kobald, who is coming off back to back losses.

On her match with Gina: “I’m looking for a 1st or 2nd round TKO or stoppage. Gina may be the face of MMA, but I have to say, win, lose or draw I’m going to be the pretty one leaving the cage. I plan on (blanking) her (blank) up.”

Edited to keep our advertisers from pulling the plug. 

We remember chicks like Ms. Kobald. They scared us.

Usually the type that would hang with the wrestling team and kick the (blank) out of geeky white guys who would rather be playing Halo than being in gym class.


Kobald should know better than to talk (blank) to a woman who can do this in full mount.

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