Daily Dump: Jennifer Ellison Lounging At The Pool, Jessica Simpson Beer Ad, Another Leryn Franco Photo & LSU Fans Travel In Style


It’s Friday, you freaks. Happy-hour martinis, sake bombs and Jennifer for dessert.

Just think, one week from today all of us will be gearing up for the always huge Temple-Army opener. The military men are 7-point dogs (at home!) against the losers from Philly.

Ok, so we’re geeking out a little early.

There’s still Olympics to watch, baseball to suffer through and preseason NFL. Don’t forget UFC this weekend. Liddell is back.

Enjoy your time away from work. Be safe, stay hydrated and out of jail – unless you are an athlete.

Today’s Dump:

No kidding! Jessica Simpson now promoting unheard of beer [Holy Taco]

A great Kyle Orton headline [NFL Juice]

So exactly where has Michael Phelps father been [FanHouse]

Leryn Franco closeup as only a blogger would discover [Bright Black Internet]

Even Olympic horses will skirt the rules for gold [Machochip]

Georgia fans won’t like this Top 5 overvalued teams list [NextRound]

5 changes to make baseball less boring [Deuce of Davenport]

LSU fans travel in style via this pimped out limo [Friends of the Program]

Hottest Chicago Bears fan? Much better than Kyle Orton’s wife [Uncoached]

Internet searches for “Lesbian Sex” down 30% since ’07 [Debonair Magazine]

Photosynth sure to make your chick viewing more enjoyable [Buzz Pirates]

College freshman ladies: Don’t do this when keg standing [World of Issac]

Snow freaks are going to love these; hands free bluetooth gloves [Asylum]

Nothing says redneck like a Waffle House wedding [Brahsome]

Kite surfing in tropical storm not exactly smart [Tasty Booze]

Today’s Tail:

New Adriana Lima (without Marko) lingerie photos surface [My Chill Pill]

Believe it, ladies, you can be 30 and smoking hot [Coed]

Just think…you have no shot at sex with Stephanie [Gorilla Mask]

Cintia Docker spices up Vanity Fair Italy [CamelTap]

Jessica Biel leaving church is big news in entertainment world [CelebSlam]

Believe us – Dria Baby is a party waiting to happen [Hottest Girls Of MySpace]

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